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   Distributed in most of the airports of South-East Asia and Asia-Book shops in Thailand, this book has been published by
Standen Publishing Company Ltd
43/364 Moo Bahn Amarinnivet 1, Bangkhen
Bangkok 10220, Thaïlande
Tel: (66 2) 552 4020
Fax: (66 2) 970 6254
   In 2004, Asia Horizons Books Co.Ltd., published a very fine book of the watercolors made by renown Thai artist, Somboon Phoungdorkmai. The work was the subject of a major exhibition during the month of August 1998 at Rajanakarn Building in Bangkok. The exclusive exhibition vas organized by the Thai-Lao Association and was inaugurated by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhom.
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   Khun Chuan Lekpay, Prime Minister in charge at the time of the exhibition, Khun Somboon and Khun Taksin Shinawatra, future Prime Minister of Thailand.
   H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindorn, Khun Somboon Phoungdorkmai, Khun Arsa Sarasin, President of the Thai-Lao Association.

"An Artist at Angkor"

   Features exclusively watercolors and sketches that Somboon Phoungdorkmai captured in situ during several months between the years 1994-1996 to render a very sensitive and unique vision of the temples of Angkor.
    This English edition, with hard-cover and jacket sized 24cm x 24cm, displays some 80 color illustrations and 31 ink-sketches in 112 pages emphasized by a text from John Hoskin, a writer settled for more than two decades in South-East Asia and well known with several publications, among which "The Mekong:A River and Its people", or "Passage Through Angkor".

" Luang Prabang"
    This unique book is made possible because of the superb work of Thai artist Somboon Phoungdorkmai. With a grant from the Thai-Lao Association, starting in 1997 and for almost two years she stayed over six months in the Heritage City of Luang Prabang.
   Trips were made especially at different seasons to capture the essence of the life there. Being a Thai artist provided Somboon with the comfort of speaking almost the same Language as the people of Luang Prabang and gave her a very important asset in her contacts and understanding of the locals who more than often were delighted with her presence. Somboon also capture the mood of the many Buddhists inspired festivals held in that former capital, and most of all the very elaborated New Year Festival at which, the citizen enjoy the public view of the Prabang, the most important Buddha image of the city.
    The book will recount the many historical connotations of the place features and many anecdotic experiences encountered by the artist throughout her months of work. The book features 63 original watercolors and 25 ink sketches under four chapters:
1-The Pagodas in the Landscape.
2-The heartbeat of the citizens.
3-The Rhythm of Festivals
4-Architectural Heritage
Size: landscape 24,5 x 22,5 cm, l28 pages.
Text of 8 000 words.
Printed in 4 colors on 160 grs art mat paper.

" Journey with a paint brush"
   In 2006, Booktime Co.Ltd., published a very fine art book displaying a full record of the works produced by Somboon Phoungdorkmai. A short text, edited in English and Thai, presents a biography to become more familiar with the artist. A larger part of the book is dedicated to the pictures as this compendium gathers more than four hundred paintings dispatched in nine chapters.
1- Temples: Angkor Vat, Luang Prabang.
2- Houses.
3- Everyday life.
4- Landscapes.
5- Elemental Nature.
6- Still Life.
7- Commisioned art.
8- Surealism.
9- Citizen of the world.
Size: portrait 27 x 28,5 cm, 336pages.
427 illustrations with a text in English and Thai.

"An Artist at Angkor"

   Against the advice of her relatives, Somboon stayed from the end of 1993 to mid 1994 in the area of Angkor's temples achieving wonderful work recording the ruins of the ancient and prestigious Khmer civilisation.
    Only the passion for painting and an irresistible spell of this magic place could sustain her courage and keep her in a region where tourists were rare and gun shot were still audible from time to time. 
    Nevertheless in 1995 she was rewarded with two important exhibitions, the first one inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Thailand, Khun Chuan Lekpai, at the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok and the following one organized at the Imperial Queen Park Hotel and honoured by the opening words of H.E. Roland Eng, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia to the Kingdom of Thailand.

" Luang Prabang by Somboon"
   Following a similar process during 1997 and 1998 Somboon Phoungdorkmai engaged herself in a detailed work about the celebrated town of Luang Prabang, which belongs now to the World Heritage.
    In this case she had the backup of the Thai-Lao Association binding cultural friendship between the two countries,and the challenge seemed less dangerous but even so Somboon had to sustain her recently established reputation with a work of consequence.
    The goal has been well targeted if we consider the warm welcome from the public, in the presence of the ambassadors representing the highest nations in Bangkok, during the exhibition held at the Rajanakarn Building , and notably inaugurated by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindorn.
Exhibition's record.

   These events, which undoubtedly sealed the fame of Somboon Phoungdorkmai, must not conceal that the talent of the artist had also been recognised in Thailand and abroad on several other occasions . A non-exhaustive list of exhibitions regularly held from the beginning of the years 80s until nowadays could confirm that:
— 1978 lst Vane Croup Exhibition. Rajburi, Thailand
—1981 Poh Chang College Art Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand
—1984 SiIpa Bhirasri Arts Festival, Bangkok, Thailand
—1985 Exhibition, 25th Anniversary of Goethe Institute, Bangkok, Thailand
—1986 1st International Women in Art Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand
—1987 Exhibition of Aesthetics in Honour of The King. Bangkok, Thailand
—1988 Solo Exhibition, Ostbirk, Denmark
—1989 Solo Exhibition, Kvindegalleriet, Aarhus, Denmark
—1990 Exhibition, Montien Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
—1991 Thai-Japanese Women Paintings, Bangkok, Thailand
—1992 2nd International Women in Art Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand
—1992 Asian Young Artists’ Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
—1993 Solo Exhibition, Royal Park Travelodge Resort, Phuket, Thailand
—1993-I994 The Art of Swing Exhibitions l and II, Bangkok, Thailand
—1994 Solo Opening Showcase, New Art Gallery. -Phnom Penh, Cambodia
—1995 Watercolour Festival, Montien Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
—1995 Exhibition: An Artist at Angkor
              -May: The Royal Cambodian Embassy. Bangkok, Thailand
              -Sep: The Imperial Queen’s Park Hote!, Bangkok, Thailand
              -Oct: Akko Collectors’ House, Bangkok, Thailand
—1995 Thaise-Vlaansevriendenkring Exhibition, Kookelaere, Belgium
—1995-1996 31st and 32nd Asia Modem Art Exhibitions, Japan
—1996 Exhibition: An Artist at Angkor, Cambodiana Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
—1997to2002 Annual Red Cross Exhibition, Montien Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
—1993 Solo Exhibition: Amazing blossoms, Siam City Hotel, Thailand
—1993 Exhibition: An artist in Luang Prabang, Rajanakarn Building, Bangkok, Thailand
—1998 Red Cross Exhibition, Montien,, Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
—1999 Exhibition: An artist in Luang Prabang, Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club, Thailand
—2000 Exhibition: Au Coeur de l’hotel, Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club, Thailand
—2000 Exhibition: Where have all the flowers gone, Akko Gallery, Bangkok. Thailand
—2001 Regards croises, Boathouse Gallery, Phuket, Thailand
—2002 Exhibition: International women day, Satihan Thamasathan, Bangkok, Thailand
—2002 December: Trace of faith, Montien Hotel, bangkok, Thailand.
—2004 September: An Evening With Thai Artists, Royal Thai Embassy , New York, USA
—2004 October: An Evening With Thai Artists, Royal Thai Embassy, Washington DC, USA
—2005 November to 2006 February: Luang Prabang scents, Maison seng Tiane Phanith, Luang Prabang, Laos
—2007 November: "Letter from Hanoi", Viet Art Center, Hanoi, Vietnam
—2008 May: Collective exhibition "Asia Art Link" in the National Museum of Hanoi, Vietnam
—2008 July: "Letter from Hanoi", Akko Gallery, Sukhumvit Bangkok, Thailand
—2008 September: Collective exhibition "Enchanting Nonthaburi", Thailand
—2008 November: Collective exhibition Vane Group 30 Th anniversary, jamjuree Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
—2009 April:Collective exhibition Black Market, Bangkok Art Center Museum, Thailand
—2010 August: Collective exhibition Akko Gallery 20th Anniversary, Bangkok Art Center Museum, Thailand

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